Azarax Slug Wood 20

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Multi Choke


76 mm / 3 inch



Overall Weight

2.90 kg

Overall Lenght

113 cm / 44.5 inch

Barrel Lenght

61 cm / 24 inch

Lenght of Pull

36.5 / 14.8 inch

Superior Technology Material

High standard material technologies used in the aerospace and defense industries.

Distinguished Turkish Walnut and Synthetic Technology

Industry-specific walnut trees of the eastern regions of Turkey / ABS polymer stock and equipment.

Orthopedic Swaddle Pads

Extra softened rubber and polyurethane systems that minimize the impact of recoil energy on the shoulder and are resistant to impact, crush and tear.

Truglo (R) Fiber Optic Systems

The fiber optic systems of Truglo, the world's leading manufacturer of rear sight and shallots, are used in our products. Keeps your glare sharpness even when sunlight is minimal, keeping your firing performance at maximum.

Easy Filling System

This system allows you to drive cartridges with one hand.